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visiting Canada temporarily, or moving to Canada permanently


Visit Canada

You may need a visa or an eTA to travel to and enter Canada, depending on what country you are from.


Study in Canada

Most international students need a study permit to legally study in Canada, along with their visa or eTA.


Work in Canada

Most foreign workers need a work permit (open or closed) to legally work in Canada, along with their visa or eTA.


Family Reunion

Members of a family can be sponsored at certain conditions to move permanently to Canada.


Express Entry

Skilled Worker, Skilled Trades and CEC applicants can use this fast track for permanent residency.


Provincial Nominee

PNP for all the provinces and territories are similar but with unique requirement.


PR Card Renewal

Permanent residents can renew their PR Card before it is expired, so they can return to Canada.


Apply for Citizenship

Become a real Canadian, without worrying about PR card renewal, and gain your right of voting.



Various assistance covering all your needs as a newcomer to Canada, so you start easier.


Detention Review, Admissibility Hearings

When you are detained, you have the chance to be released by attending the detention review. If you are told being inadmissible to Canada, you have the right to explain by presenting at the hearing.


Immigration Appeals

If your family sponsorship application is refused, your travel document application is refused because of not meeting the residency obligation, or you receive a removal order, you can appeal to the decision, or respond to the Minister's apeal.


Refugee and Protected Person Claims & Appeals

You can claim Refugee Protection at the Port of Entry or in Canada if you meet the eligibility. A hearing is required for a refugee claim, but not mandatory for a refugee appeal although you have the right to request.

Our Working Process



Let us know how may we assist during our initial consultation. If you agree with our advice and decide to move on with us in helping you get your visa, we can proceed to the next step.



We will sign a Retainer Agreement to outline our cooperation and specify the responsibilities for both sides, as well as the terms of payment.



We prepare your application package as your representative, while you are expected to provide all required information and documents in time, so we can submit your application with no delay. 



We inform you about further response from IRCC and the decision of your application. If the result is an undesired one, we will talk about the remedies.

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