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Consultation Options

meeting, talk, entertainment


This is an opportunity for us to know each other better. Before we have the initial consultation, we will have to know your basic information through our Contact Us Form, so we can answer your questions in a more efficient and effective way. We charge $100 CAD for the one-hour initial consultation.

meeting, relationship, business


If you would like to hire us to represent you and help you through out the application after our initial consultation, we will need sign the retainer agreement, so we have your authorization to be your representative. We will do all the submission letter and application forms for you, while you provide the accurate information and documents to IRCC through us. The initial consultation fee will be roll over to the fee of representation.

school, teacher, professor


If you would like to roll up your sleeves and do your application yourself, we are more than happy to assist as well by providing proper advice with a fee. In this situation, you will be responsible for the submission letter and filling up the application forms. We would not take the responsibility for your action. The initial consultation fee will be roll over to the fee of navigation.

Payment Options

 $17.5CAD will be charged by the bank if you pay through wire transfer.

from inside Canada

If you are paying from inside Canada, e-transfer is the best option. Email your payment to info@hulaimmi.com, and we will send you the receipt when the fee is received. Wire Transfer, MasterCard, Visa and personal cheque are also acceptable.

from outside Canada

If you are paying from outside Canada, we accept Wire Transfer, MasterCard, Visa, China Union Pay, and Alipay. Please contact us for instruction and the scan code. Receipt will be released when the payment is received.

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