Frequently Asked Questions

We do not charge for answering general questions. However, when it comes to a specific case when you would like to know a more accurate advice for your situation, the consultation fee will occur. We understand and respect all marketing approaches provided by other consultants, while we believe that you are looking for a professional and practical service for your unique case. That said, we need to know YOUR situation and condition in details before we can provide you with the most suitable guidance and tailored solution. You deserve a serious consultation and we delivery it to you at a cost, so we are working collaboratively to achieve your goal.

Unfortunately no. Contingency billing is not permitted as a billing method for the Client, as per s.9.2 of the Retainer Agreement Regulation. Therefore, we are NOT able to promise a positive decision or charge you in this way. Nevertheless, we are the professional and good standing member of the CICC, we review every case and the possibility of approval before we sign the retainer agreement, and we are responsible for our words and works.

Like doctors in the hospital, Immigration Consultants have different fields for their expertise. Some may be specialized in family sponsorship, some may be good at refugee claim, while some maybe confident in IRB hearings. It’s almost impossible to have a consultant or even a lawyer that is sharp in every field of immigration practice. Here with Hula Immi, we are proud of our strength and experience of international students related permits and visas, as well as for their family members. Family sponsorship is also a main part of our cases.

Ms. Heather Gu will take care of every case herself from the very beginning and make sure that you are on the right track. 

We understand that people change their minds all the time based on the changing situation. There is nothing to blame on this, but remember, it is important for us to communicate effectively and in a timely manner, so your plan to Canada won’t be affected in a negative way that you might not think of. It is IMPORTANT to let us know promptly regarding any change in your situation, such as marital status, job change and health issues. Amendment on the signed Retainer Contract could occur if necessary.

We charge you for consultation and representation  only. You will be responsible for the application fee which is charged by IRCC, the administration fee charged by the provincial or federal government, and the related document certified translation and notary cost.

In most cases, we do not charge you for school application if you retain us for visa and study permit application. This will be indicated on the Retainer Agreement.

St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada is where our only office located at for now. We notice that some people are using our name and credential without our authorization to mislead the clients. Once we collect the proofs, we will bring this to a law suit. Please keep in mind that all communications we do will be via our email, WeChat, or WhatsApp accounts mentioned in the Contact Us page.

ANYTIME! Just throw us an email, or add us as your WeChat or WhatsApp contact. See our Contact page for more information.

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